Hello! My name is A*****. I am 21 years old and undergraduate in Athens. I met your product by mistake in internet. I have a big problem with alopecia and I have tryed the best treatments and I have been tired with all these things. I want a sincere answer from you. Has your product any result, even a small one? Most people say the best for each their product, in order to have better and bigger sales. I know, that the truth and the right work have the better publicity. I wish you the best in the course of your life. Be well and thank you very much...

Dear friend my name is P***** C******
I work for Amalthia. I collaborate with Mr Myriokefalitaki since May 2003, when I found out about the product and engaged in the Greek continuation of delivery of Amalthia. (Amalthia is not something that had been discovered by some modern scientist in order to get money - thing that unfortunately happens with the researches today - but was made and developed in order to cover needs similar with yours and remained in the passage of time to exist because of the good results. The one that substantially produced it has only one name and is said nature. Nature substantially made olive oil and wild onion. Even Mr Myriokefalitakis came in contact with the product 10 years ago, in order to deal with his own problem with alopecia and seeing the beneficial results, he dealt and made this traditional Cretan product worldwide known (exports in Japan where from we import the Hi Tech technology).

Mr Myriokefalitakis is in the International Exhibition of Thessalonica at this time and thus I take the initiative to answer you. If you want to speak with him his telephone is on any packing of Amalthia.

I use this soap daily for shaving and one time the week for all my body. What I have to say to you through my heart and with sincerity as characteristically you ask, it is that the example that you will see in the dermatoses it is of my brother, in Heraklion Crete and has his telephone in order to speak with him if you like or meeting him, on the fact that it describes.

I believe that this product is not somewonder-working product that you will lather your hands and there will sprout hair. Hair will not come out where roots do not exist. Simply it is a 100% natural product, which gives a very good natural cleaning of skin. It does not contain potassium carbonate and other caustics. It cleans the skin only with the wild onion and the oil. Furthermore it leaves a friendly film with vitamins in the skin that protects from the allergic reactions due to the pollution of the atmosphere. Thus not only it does not cause irritations and allergies, visible or not but contribute also in the calm, balance and health of skin. Thus you can wash youself fearlessly as often as you want. For example if you shave your face you feel a beautiful sense with the touch in your skin many hours afterwards.

This product is used by a lot of persons in Greece and in the abroad and for a lot of reasons. It is not advertized substantially and it circulates most from mouth to mouth.

There is (on my own proposal) a file with names from persons that used the soap and had seen results in something. This papers are signed and have the telephones of these persons. There are included simple daily persons up to doctors and other scientists. In there are included problems such as alopecia but also a lot more things as dermatoses etc. In order to make it more simple for you, this product it is not medicine. It is simply a natural and friendly cleaning and protective product for the organism, that you will not cause no mean but will help the organism to face daily exogenic invasion, that shields substantially our health. From my personal experiences all my friends are using it and all are satisfied.

As concerns to the problem that you are dealing with, I can see that it makes you anxious and I have to say to you,that according to what I know, that it is a wide problem that begins from genetic abnormalities and from what we have inherited and are programmed genetically for the development in the total or in individual systems of our organism. Of course with good or bad life, nutrition, environment and all that comes in contact with our body, for example the clothes, cleaning products etc we can overload the situation, if they are not simple and natural. If those products are good they can protect and nourish what exists and I do not believe that they can revive potential - not exist anymore - roots. For better results I remind you that water affects too. The chloride that water has in collaboration with the stiffness, inactivate the beneficial attributes of mainly natural cosmetics and destroys the flora of skin and the webs with the same facility that destroy the micro-organisms and the microbes that exist and developed in water. Of course the subject is very wide as even our psychological situation is affecting too. When I was 22 years old (now I am 39) a friend who lost his father, woke up and did not have hair. This moment I believe that you get anxious with your problem and overload the situation.

Generally it is not good to change products frequently. Close your ears and your eyes and try to wind up in somebody that would be prooved to be good, in order for your organism to get it used and get long-lasting profits from its components. This does not happen immediately.

Certainly a short interval is needed in order for you to see results. In this interval take care of your nutrition and suply potentially your organism with certain concrete vitamins that may be absent in collaboration with an experienced nutritionist (for more information you can be addressed to Mr Minoudi from Golden Health, they are unique in Greece in what they do, their services do not cost expensively, while they make important work). For water I know the company Elecrtolux that has the leading systems of cleaning of water that they can clean the water of an entire house and not only cooker but obviously are also expensive (I do not know how much money you have) however it deserves a meeting with them (www.water-air.gr). They deal with gravity the subject and can make chemical analysis of water in your house in order to see which problems it has.

With all these you will not see any problems, on the contrary you will improve your quality of life and armor your health. But first begin with the easy ones, to be cheerful to see only the problems but seeing also the charms and taking force from them in order for you to give solutions in the problems.

Now for the others that will deal with your hair, you should know that they may have more serious problems than you and the best you have to do is to tell them something cheerful in order to cheer them up and make them not to deal with your hair.

I hope I really helped you
P ***** C******

Usual F.A.Q.


Why should I use a 100% natural product for the cleaning in my skin?

Because the chemical caustic components that it can contain any product, the chemical components in order to it makes foam and perfume etc, they can be particularly caustic for the useful components of flora that exist in the skin so that they destroy it and they pass in the inferior layers and in the blood Thing that in a such case if happens also in any degree, it can harm from inside important organs or the entire organism.


Why it has beneficial results in the organism so much for the fighting exogenous pathogenic as for the dermatoses?

Because the natural components by which it is constituted are nutritious for the organism and for the environment. Thus we have care and aid of our organism, in order to cope with the negative influence from the environment and the pollution but also from the negatives bacteria that are developed in our cuticle reason of flora that exists in this. And it should remain healthy in order to is possible the defence of organism.

A simple experiment that we made, we threw water from AMALTHIA in a plant. The plant will not be withered the fruits that will give, they will be healthy, tasty and nutritious full beneficial components. If we repeat the same with a common product likely the plant will be withered in few days…



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