AMALTHIA soap conquers Japan too!!!

Mr Spyridon Mentzas expresses his intention to open a Greek Restaurant in Tokyo.

Mr Spyridon Mentzas is Greek, from Greek father and Japanese mother and resides permanently in Tokyo, he is 30 years old and he admires- as he declares - the Greek culture and history.

The restaurant aims to be a point of meeting for the thousands Greeks, that live and work in the country of the rising Sun. In the restaurant, exept from the Greek flavours cooked from his own parents, he will also have a shop from where he will promote important Greek products, such as Greek olive oil, wine, but also known worldwide unique Greek natural products as the Cretan soap AMALTHIA (which as we know, is made in Crete by organic olive oil and wild onion with the traditional recipy, that has been rescued until our days and its beneficial characteristics have made it globaly known). In the same store he will also have books translated in the English and Japanese language for the Greek olive oil etc.

As he characteristically mentioned in Japan they believe that olive oil worldwide is produced in Italy!!! A fact that makes him sad and willing to try to get informed.Even further he will try to inform about the Greek country , and point out that since the ancientt timesolive oil was a wellknown greek product. Mr Mentzas himself describes with sorrow that Greeks in Greece do not know considerably informations for this national product, such as that have been found fossils from seces of olive in islands of Aegean aged 60.000 years, thing that witness the existence of olive in Greece a lot of thousands years before. He locates the problem in the basic education, that learns the Greeks to be proud of their history without letting them know their history…

Mr Spyridon Mentzas is these days in Greece in tour of search of the most important Greek products and in contact with the Greek producers.

May everything happen as we wish and have the joy in September to announce to you the openings of the first Greek restaurant in Tokyo, something that makes us all proud and shows that the flame of Hellenism remains unquenchable in the abroad.

Paul Criaras

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